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In order for our continued contact with you it is important to keep your membership details up to date with us. So whenever you move, change your email address or a telephone number, please take the time to update us either by email or by completing the form below.

So we ask all customers members of View Talay Holiday Resort, MTC Plus and WHS who has purchased through WHS or Villa Service International in the past to take a moment to update your contact details and email address at this time by filling in and submitting the Member Contact Information Update Form below. This will enable us to keep you up-to-date on information concerning your membership - as well as other information including special offerings and updates on exchange and resort information. And this will also allow us to facilitate your membership in the MTC Member Web or VTV Member Web. We know that your time is valuable, and we appreciate you taking your time to update your contact information now. If you have a question at this time, you may contact our Member Service Manager via email by clicking on this Member Service Manager link, or you may reach the Member Service Manager by telephone or fax at the numbers listed on the Contacts page.

Member Contact Information Update

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